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Condo Association Got You Covered? Better Think Again.

If something happens to your condo or town home, it may be up to you to replace things like drywall, flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, and more. That's where condo liability insurance comes in. Many condominium associations only insure the building's structure and common areas, typically leaving each unit's interior construction to the homeowner. (However, condo or town home association coverage's may also vary by state.)


Your Condominium or Town home Insurance Policy Generally Includes:

Personal Property Protection
Covers the loss or damage to your stuff

Family Liability Protection
Provides legal representation and insurance against judgments

Guest Medical Protection
Covers medical costs for visitors injured at your home

Additional Living Expenses
Reimbursement for additional costs of temporary housing during reconstruction

Building Property Protection
Condo owners are typically responsible for insuring their units, and the association is generally responsible for the exterior of the units and the association's property - though that may vary based on the individual state or association requirements.

Building property coverage helps protect real property you own (such as fixtures and other installations that are not typically considered personal property) from damage by events such as fire or vandalism. It typically does not include real property that the association or the other condo owners' units.

Replacement Coverage
Many policies feature this coverage which allows you to receive the full purchase price of lost items at the time of the claim.

Insurance Discounts & Savings


We've got many ways you can save on the cost of condo insurance.

Multi-Line (Condo & Auto) - Save up to 15% depending on the state in which you live as well as the type of condo (or town home) and automobile you have.
Protective Devices - Save up to 15% depending on the combination of installed protective devices you have.
55 or older and retired - You may save up to 10-25%.

Other Coverage Options

Loss Assessment Coverage

This would help pay for your share of a loss assessment, up to your policy limits, when your association requires an assessment on all unit owners for certain covered losses.